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Storage and Transport Carts

New Storage Carts

  • Reduce wear and tear on facilities and crowd control products
  • NEW Post-N-Panel Cart stores up to 22 panels
  • Vertical and Horizontal Stanchion Carts hold up to 24 posts

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Retracta-Belt with 3 inch wide belts

G4 Retracta-Belt with 3" Wide Belt

  • 3" wide x 10' long belt is 50% wider than traditional stanchion belts for larger graphics and high impact messaging
  • Reverse compatible with legacy Retracta-Belt stanchions so you can upgrade nearly any post for a fraction of the cost

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Retracta-Wheel Base

  • Simply angle the post to conceal the wheel beneath the base
  • Transport posts easily when wheel is exposed
  • The wheel stores beneath the base when not in use - no unsightly wheels or tripping hazard

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Visiontron Stanchions at JFK Airport

JetBlue at JFK Airport

  • JetBlue selected Visiontron to outfit their new Terminal 5 Customs and Border Patrol area in JFK Airport.
  • Mini Socket Mounted Stanchions and Post-N-Panels save space, provide a clean appearance, and reduce tripping hazards

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Welcome to Visiontron Corp

At Visiontron, we are committed to quality service and products proudly manufactured in America. Our products include Retracta-Belt® Stanchions and Wall Mounts, Posts, Ropes, Post Storage Carts, Signs, Sign Posts, Cone Mounts, Arrival/Departure Boards, Gate Boards, Information/Directory Boards, Sign Holders, Logo Carpets and Floor Mats.