Standard Features On All
Retracta-Belt® Posts*

    Quality Guaranteed:

  • 10 year warranty
  • Heavy gauge construction: combined with proven designs, strict quality standards and premium materials ensures that the product will last for years.
  • High impact polycarbonate material: greatly increases durability. Typically found in bulletproof panels.
  • Safety Features:

  • Redesigned E-Z Back braking system: creates the safest post on the market. Patent pending rotary damper technology ensures a safe, controlled retraction of the belt at ANY length. More consistent, controlled, and reliable than centrifugal pad designs.
  • Red slide action manual locking belt clip: prevents accidental release of the belt due to line ducking.
  • Cost-Saving Features:

  • Individual part replacement: why pay $50 for a new assembly when you only need a $5 part?
  • Built-in sign attachment: no need for costly adapters. Does not take up receiving ends and limit attachment of belts.
  • Belt Features

  • 3 receiving ends: allow attachment of belts from any direction.
  • Universal belt end: integrates with most competitors' products, including both internal groove as well as external dovetail designed products.
  • Belt End Upgrades

  • Magnetic belt end: attaches to magnetic surfaces without a receiving end.*
  • Suction cup belt end: attaches to glass, ceramic or metal surfaces temporarily.*
  • S-Hook belt end: attaches to warehouse shelving or wraps around poles and connects to itself.
  • *Not available on SM6500

    Belt Advantages:

  • Durable polyester belt: same belt in all models. Unlike our competitors, we've created new Retracta-Belt mechanisms to get a longer belt instead of cramming a thinner, less durable belt into existing posts which appear wavy and flop over.
  • Stainless steel spring: keeps 2" high strength, tightly woven belt taut at any length.
  • Finishing Touches:

  • Rubber floor protector: standard on our 18 lb. cast baseweight.
  • Heavy chrome plated or powder coated finishes: ensures finish won't peel or crack over time.
  • Stainless steel hardware: used throughout to eliminate rust potential.

  • *Does not apply to Retracta-Belt PRIME

Retracta-Belt® Stanchions & Crowd Control Posts

Visiontron offers a full line of Retracta-Belt posts for airlines, airports, venues, stadiums, casinos and anywhere else people gather. We have many variations of our crowd control stanchions to suit any environment - click on the models below for detailed information or to request a quote.

Retracta-Belt® Stanchions | Mounting Options | Utility Stanchions

  • Single Line Crowd Control Posts

    Single Line Crowd Control Stanchion

    The industry standard Crowd Control Stanchion. Our most popular post. Fully customizable and competitively priced. Click the belt lengths below for more information.

    10' Belt 15' Belt

  • Thin Line Crowd Control Posts

    Thin Line Crowd Control Posts

    Classic design of a 2" diameter post and a 2.5" diameter head. The belt ends on our post integrate with most other retractable belt manufacturer's stanchions.

    10' Belt

  • Retracta-Belt with Retracta-Wheel Base

    Retracta-Belt Stanchions with Wheels

    Convenient wheels are no longer an unsightly tripping hazard. The Retracta-Wheel Base easily conceals the wheel mechanism beneath the base when it's not in use.

    10' Belt

  • Single Line Retracta-Belt with 3" Belt

    Retracta-Belt Stanchions with 3 inch belts

    Bigger is better. The 3" belt expands the opportunity for creative messaging on stanchion belts. The new mechanism allows you to upgrade nearly any post to the new 3" belt at a fraction of the cost.

    10' Belt

  • Dual Line Retracta-Belt with 3" Belt

    Retracta-Belt Stanchions with Wide Belts

    Bigger is better. The 3" belt expands the opportunity for creative messaging on stanchion belts. This 50% wider belt area allows for larger graphics, bolder branding, and stronger safety messages.

    10' Belt

  • Dual Line Crowd Control Posts

    Dual Line Crowd Control Posts

    Two belt design stands out in any environment and increases effectiveness by preventing line ducking. This post satisfies ADA requirements for queue lines. The ideal stanchion for child-friendly environments.

    10' Belt

  • 10' Value Series Stanchions

    Low cost retractable belt stanchion

    Our Retracta-Belt stanchion in a value priced package. Our high manufacturing quantities, innovative packaging and simplified options have driven down the cost - but not the quality - of our signature posts.

    10' Belt

  • Crowd Control Display Posts

    Crowd Control Display Posts

    A shorter post to protect valuables, without obstructing the view. The ideal stanchion for car shows, museums, casino prizes, and other displays. Click the belt lengths below for more information.

    10' Belt 15' Belt

  • 6' Tall Single Line Crowd Control Posts

    6' Tall Single Line Crowd Control Posts

    A 6' tall post with a Retracta-Belt at the 'regular' height. This stanchion integrates with queue lines, while providing increased sign visibilty from far distances. Ideal for airports and airlines.

    10' Belt

  • 10' Retracta-Belt® PRIME Stanchions

    10 foot long retractable belts

    very low cost retractable belt stanchion

    Economically priced and features technology and materials that will outperform any other low-cost stanchion. We’ve analyzed design flaws of other similar retractable belt posts to deliver you a low-cost stanchion worthy of the Retracta-Belt name.

    10' Belt

Retracta-Belt Semi-Permanent & Fixed Mounting Options

Unique alternatives to standard portable posts. Available on nearly all our Retracta-Belt post styles.

Utility & Safety Crowd Control Stanchions

Outdoor weatherproof posts for construction, maintenance, transportation, and warehouses.

  • Utility Retracta-Belt® Post

    Green Crowd Control Stanchion

    NEW! This weatherproof, heavy-duty Retracta-Belt is now available with a Plastic Refillable Base or nearly indestructible 100% Recycled Rubber Base. Click on a belt length for more details.

    10' Belt 15' Belt

  • 10' Retracta-Belt® PRIME Outdoor Post

    10 foot retractable belt barriers

    low cost outdoor retractable barriers for crowd control

    Economically priced and features technology and materials that will outperform any other low-cost stanchion on the market. Truly outdoor capable finishes for a long lasting post.

    10' Belt

  • 30' Post Mount Retracta-Belt®

    30' Post Mount Retracta-Belt

    Long range, outdoor-capable utility post. Stanchion base is pre-built with wheels for easy transportation, and an extra-heavy base for increased stability.

    30' Belt

  • 30' Stand Mount Retracta-Belt®

    30' Stand Mount Retracta-Belt

    Long range, outdoor capable utility post. Folding legs instead of a stanchion base offer compact storage and easy trasnportation. Ideal for uneven terrain.

    30' Belt

  • 65' Stand Mount Retracta-Belt®

    65' Stand Mount Retracta-Belt

    Longest spanning crowd control post, designed for long span applications such as airport tarmac boarding and deplaning. Folding legs instead of a stanchion base offer compact storage and easy transportation.

    65' Belt