Manual Arrival Departure Boards & Inserts

Arrival/Departure boards have long been an Airline standard. The traveling public use these boards for dependable and accurate flight information. Visiontron's unique release buttons allow for easy removal of inserts without disrupting inserts in the adjacent columns. These units are available as individual or combination flight information boards. The number of information lines are manufactured to your specifications. All boards come with a full color logo (also available without a logo). Boards are standard with black liners.

All boards can be ordered as:

  • Arrival, Departure, or combination of both
  • As many lines as required
  • With or without logo heading line
  • Optional two lines at bottom of board: "For Reservations and Information Call:" and "Counter Open From: To:"
Manual Arrival Departure Board

Shown: 43" wide combination board, with 10+10 lines and logo

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Inserts for Manual Arrival/Departure Boards

Arrival / Departure Board Inserts ( Click on a Model Number to Request a Quote )

Height Numbers/Time
1-3/8" AD138N AD138NSET AD138CUS
1-7/8" Visiontron can provide inserts for discontinued A/D boards with 1-7/8" inserts AD178CUS