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15' Retracta-Belt® Crowd Control Display Posts

Model 320DP / 321DP

Minimize distractions while guarding your prized possessions with our Display Posts which have a lower overall post height. The 15' long belt allows fewer posts to cover greater distances. Unlike other posts on the market that use a thinner, wavy and less durable belt to fit inside their posts, our head was completely redesigned, allowing us to use the same thick, durable belt found in all of our units.

Retracta-Belt Display Stanchion Features

  • EVERstraight Technology: the cast iron Retracta-Belt base features a large diameter threaded connection, ensuring the post remains straight for its lifetime.
  • High-impact polycarbonate material: greatly increases durability for a long life.
  • Redesigned E-Z Back braking system: creates the safest post on the market. Patent pending rotary damper technology ensures a safe, controlled retraction of the belt at ANY length.
  • Built-in sign attachment: no costly adapters. Does not take up receiving ends and limit attachment of belts.
  • 10 year warranty.

Retracta-Belt Display Stanchion Options

  • Custom height: 23" overall post height is standard but can be cut to any height below 40".
  • Ships assembled or Knocked-Down: Knocked-Down shipping saves over 50%. Posts assemble by hand easily by screwing the post into the base. No tools to lose.
  • Outdoor use: several finishes can be modified for outdoor use.
  • Black ABS scuff proof cover: reduces cost and outdoor capable.
  • 30 lb. heavy baseweight: for additional stability with large signage, especially outdoors
  • Outdoor-rated wheels: for ease of set-up, add outdoor-rated wheels to the baseweight, strongly recommended for use with the Heavy Baseweight.
  • Custom stanchions: have it your way with logo or message imprinting on the belt or caps and custom colored posts.
  • Receiver post: no belt and internal mechanism for lower cost.

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Additional Base Options

Retracta-Belt Base and Mounting Options
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