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Retracta-Belt® PRIME Wall Mount Crowd Control Units

Model WM100

The Retracta-Belt PRIME Wall Mount includes all the advanced features of Retracta-Belt PRIME stanchions, in a convenient wall mounted head.

When you buy a Retracta-Belt you're getting a high quality wall mount from a trusted manufacturer with 50 years of experience. So why buy anything else? Retracta-Belt PRIME wall mounts are economically priced, and feature technology and materials that will outperform any other low-cost wall mount on the market. We’ve analyzed design flaws of other similar products and corrected them to deliver you a low-cost wall mount worthy of the Retracta-Belt name. Click here to read more about Visiontron PRIME.

Buyer Beware! Many low cost wall mounts leave out industry standard features such as a slow retracting brake or a universal belt end that enables connection to existing stanchions. Ensure your product has these critical features.

Retracta-Belt PRIME Wall Mount Features

  • 10’ belt: thick, durable 43% longer than competitors’ units
  • Strong and slow brake:made with E-Z Back PRIME Technology for guaranteed safety
  • Universal belt end: works with nearly every other stanchion and locks to prevent accidental release
  • Durable steel or stainless steel head: Available in hundreds of colors
  • Three year warranty
  • Same day shipping on stock items
  • Easy assembly

Retracta-Belt PRIME Wall Mount Options:

Mounting Options

  • Fixed (standard): easy assembly with four screw holes for a permanent fixture.
  • Magnet mounting plate: connect to magnetic surfaces such as warehouse racks without drilling holes.
  • Suction cup mounting plate: allows temporary use on glass, ceramic or metal surfaces without drilling holes.
  • Removable Wall Mount Bracket: cracket is permanently mounted to the wall and the WM100 can slide in and out of the bracket as necessary. Allows for one Wall Mount Head to be used in multiple locations inside a facility without purchasing additional units.
  • Click here for more information on Wall Plates for Mountable Retracta-Belt PRIME

Belt End Options

  • "S-hook" belt end: attaches to warehouse shelving or wraps around poles and connects to itself.
  • Magnetic belt end: attaches to magnetic surfaces without a receiving end.
  • Suction cup belt end: attaches to glass, ceramic or metal surfaces temporarily.

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