Steel Barricades - Metal Barriers for Crowd Control in Stadiums, Venues, Airports & More

Model SB650 & SB800

Steel Barricades by Visiontron create a durable, secure and weatherproof crowd control barrier system for stadiums, venues, airports, police departments, parades and festivals, and more. Steel Barricades (aka Bicycle Barriers or French Barricades) are available in 6.5' or 8' lengths, with bridged or flat feet. Visiontron's Steel Barricades are hot-dip galvanized after all welding and fabrication is complete, including inside the tubes, to withstand abuse in the outdoor elements.

Steel Barricade Features

  • Uprights insert into the frame before welding: strong and durable connection resists damage from broken welds
  • Durable and secure hooks: are inserted and welded into the frame at both inner and outer connection points, which is stronger than a surface weld
  • 45 degree angled hook end is tamper resistant: this prevents an unauthorized person from lifting and separating the barriers
  • Welded sign panel: 13" x 6.5" surface offers optional branding, advertising or property ID tagging space
  • Ergonomic handle: the welded bar beneath sign panel provides a comfortable and safe carrying handle
  • No tools required to install or remove feet: easily connect feet with quick pin and bolt

Steel Barricade Options

  • 6.5' or 8' length
  • Labels for sign plate: 13" x 6.5" vinyl decals with UV-resistant ink provide space for branding, messaging, or property ID tagging
  • Bridged feet: provide additional stability on uneven surfaces and in large crowds. Each set of bridged feet includes one high and one low foot, which allows the units to create right angles without lifting one leg end off the ground
  • Flat feet: reduce tripping hazards and are ideal when Steel Barricades are used on a flat surface. Two holes in each foot provide space for rubber floor protector pads (sold separately) or allow the unit to be permanently affixed to the ground

Steel Barricades (Click on a Model Number to Request a Quote )

Model # Barricade Length Feet Style
SB650F-GV 6.5' Flat
SB650B-GV 6.5' Bridged
SB800F-GV 8' Flat
SB800B-GV 8' Bridged

Feet Style Options

  • Bridged Feet

    Bridged Feet

  • Flat Feet

    Flat Feet